Ghost Squad Situation Update





First of all, after the situation with the ISB, I would like to stress no retaliations of any sort. They were just doing their duty. Some a little more enthusiastically than strictly necessary, but they are as loyal to the Empire as we are.

Unfortunately the revelation of the Traitor Madine, leaves us in a perilous situation, receiving much more internal scrutiny than previously.

By order of Grand Moff Tarkin, General Weir has been assigned to take command of the Storm Commando program, and to flush any further traitors from its ranks.

Two months on from the Crucible Base incident we find ourselves in an interesting position. What follows is a summary of general data collected so far regarding Ghost Squad’s missions specifically.

Unrest in the Rampa system appears to have been quelled, in no small part thanks to the actions of Cerberus personnel and the successful governorship of Acting Governor Vail. Outbreaks of civil unrest persist at locally manageable levels. With this in mind Moff Sarne Shild has ordered one of our group’s frigates – the Rand Ecliptic – to remain in orbit as support for local forces.

The rest of the Cerberus group have been detached from sector command and assigned to act as an independent task force under the general command of Grand Moff Tarkin. As regards day to day operations this simply means that we will no longer be confined to the Corporate Sector, and will instead be assigned to any task for which the Grand Moff feels we are suited for. As an addendum to those orders there is interest at the highest levels in the disturbing information gleaned from the Crucible base, and we are to monitor for and counteract any Gemini activity we may find.


According to the medical reports members of Ghost Squad and the surviving troopers from Crucible still exhibit signs of a markedly increased metabolic rate. While this is cause for concern, our medical staff feel that any derogatory symptoms should have appeared by now. Theories abound as to what exactly the cause is, potentially some airborne agent on the Crucible moon, though whether a naturally occurring one, or a manufactured one has yet to be determined. Our medical team are keeping a close eye on those affected and are making regular examinations to track any change in metabolic rate.

Subject Brynn, despite the use of full non-invasive debriefing techniques is unable to consciously access the information stored in his head. He continues to have flashes when presented with triggering events or visual stimulus, but the nature of these ‘flashes’ essentially makes any information difficult to extract in a laboratory setting. With this in mind it has been decided that Ghost Squad will incorporate the subject as a group member – under certain proviso’s. It is left to Lieutenant 2-6 to decide how best to use these flashes, and how best to protect the asset, while still giving him access to the necessary stimuli.

[ooc – if Kev wants to continue to play Brynn or someone else wants to take him as their character then fine – treat him as a normal squad member, otherwise he can pretty much be remote monitoring helmet feeds for the most part.]

Sergeant Steiner was recovered, following activation of his personal distress beacon, from a clearing some 25km from the remains of Crucible. He was alone and possessed no memory of how he got there, however the more severe of his injuries had been patched up by someone familiar with medicine. After a short time spent in a Bacta tank he was returned to operational status, with the addition of new prosthetics.

Corporal Dallas was recovered from an escape capsule jettisoned from the enemy ship during the battle. Having been split from the rest of Ghost Squad by an unfortunate garbage disposal incident, Dallas managed to make his way forward, disable the ship’s self destruct, and find an evacuation point.


A thorough debrief of the personnel recovered from the Crucible moon has left a lot of questions. Central records contain no mention of the station or a Project Gemini. The system itself is absent from Imperial records, which suggests a purge.

In addition to similar markedly accelerated metabolic rates present in our own personnel, medical analysis of the clone commandos – both those who aided Ghost Squad and those bodies recovered from the invading force (all of whom committed suicide rather than accept capture) – has revealed a lack of clone vat ID tags in their genetic make-up. While tags could have been stripped out by some genetic alteration process undertaken at Crucible, this potentially means that the Gemini have access to a cloning facility of their own. Location and Destruction or Acquisition of this facility is considered vital.


Initial analysis confirmed that the genetic materials to be a match for Jedi Master Quinlan Vos, believed executed at the close of the Clone Wars for treason against the Republic.

Analysis showed some minor anomalies in the materials, initially attributed to the conditions under which they were harvested. Genetic comparison still rated 97% accuracy – which falls well within acceptable error limits.

A follow-up analysis, a week later revealed marked changes to the results. Matching rate dropped to 27%. A second follow-up analysis, two days later, confirmed that the genetic material had fundamentally altered despite standard preservation methods applied when samples were initially gathered.

Dr Fenn, who we borrowed – under the Imperial Secrets Act – from the ISB to perform the analysis, speculates that the genetic material may exhibit morphogenic properties, allowing it to match other genetic material to which it has been exposed. He further speculates, given the rate with which the material has reverted to its base state, that such matching may not be a rapid process.

This new information does indicate that the leader of the Erikose spire insurgents was not Quinlan Vos, but someone imitating him – complete with at least some apparent Jedi abilities and a jedi weapon. This leads not only to the question of how, but also why?

Ghost Squad Situation Update

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