Ghost Squad Mission Briefing





Imperial Intelligence have passed us information which has allowed us to identify and locate a major arms dealer to the so called Rebellion. Grand Moff Tarkin has tasked the Cerberus with the disruption of rebel operations in this Sector as one of his defence projects enters its final stages.

Our mission has two stages. First, to infiltrate and neutralise the arms dealer’s base of operations. Second, to substitute and complete a weapons shipment that source has confirmed will be handled by the dealer. The traceable weapons and the records of the arms dealer will be used to track this fledgeling rebellion before it poses a threat to the security of the Empire.


Telos IV is located between the planets of Toprawa and Ruuria in the Outer Rim of the galaxy and forms one end of the Morellian Trail, a hyperlane that forms part of the Hydian Way. The capital of Telos is Thani, from where the Telosian government, consisting of the Telosian Council and Governor of Telos, rule.

The planet was subject to an ecologically devastating war in the dim and distant past and the Telosian Restoration Project, begun roughly 3,950 years ago, was designed to return the planet to its former beauty and glory. The barren surface with its highly corrosive atmosphere was divided by a series of complex shield networks into Restoration Zones in which the atmosphere and weather patterns were stabilised, and various species of flora and fauna introduced.

The project has been a staggering success, the ecosystem is virtually restored to its former glory, and much of the land is set aside as protected, with heavy fines and sanctions against anyone found violating it. For the past 43 years, the tourist traffic to see the natural wonders of Telos accounted for a significant portion of the economy.

Telosian cities, which are generally built around the old shield hubs, are linked by high speed repulsor trains that run through tunnels both above and below ground.

Telos IV’s main cargo port is Hiroc City, an equatorial city. Unlike the capital Thani, which benefited from restoration project funds and permits that allowed it to spread across the ground, Hiroc, like most Telosian cities, rises straight up from the old shield hub site. While most other Telosian cities level off at a hundred or so storeys, Hiroc, as befits the major mercantile port, rises to a height of approximately 6km from ground level.

Hiroc itself is built in three linked towers that rise up from the bedrock, at the centre of the three towers a central turbolift shaft runs the height of the structure. The central lift shaft houses a large cargo lift and numerous passenger lifts. The majority of the higher floors before the huge landing platform at the top of the city have balconies ringing the external face of each tower, offering sweeping views of the countryside far below.

Hiroc 20side

Each tower is roughly divided into ‘districts’ up its height. The lower hundred storeys of each tower tend to be heavy industry and sanitation, the middle storeys tend towards residential and retail, with neighbourhoods formed from sections of 6-10 storeys and spread across all three towers. The higher storeys tend to be reserved for the social elite. Due to the presence of the landing platform at the top of the city, the top 50 storeys are generally warehousing and storage for the mercantile businesses. In addition to the main turbolift shaft at the connecting point of the towers, each tower contains 3 turbolift shafts which contain 4 small passenger lifts each.

The city totals 1667 floors, not including the landing platform and docking bays – which rise the equivalent of 10 storeys above the city proper. The bottom 100 storeys and top 50 storeys are an average of 8 metres in height per storey, 500 storeys are 5 metres in height and the remaining 1016 are 3 metres in height. The 3 metre high storeys are generally residential quarters for poorer citizens. Large atriums (some up to 15 storeys high) can be found throughout the towers, and the larger ones function as park areas.

Personal vehicles are rare in Hiroc (indeed in most of the Telosian cities). A few citizens have private swoops (garaged at certain points on the outer faces of the towers).

The maglev tunnel enters Hiroc via a plascrete tube from the nearby plateau, at its 40th storey. The station, an enclosed hub, 8 storeys high, between the three towers, holds both passenger and freight connections to all three towers and to the landing platform.


BoushhGev Albi, an Ubese merchant working out of Hiroc City, has quite a large alternative revenue stream. One that has remained hidden from the Empire for some time. As a merchant Albi runs a successful shipping operation along the Hydian Way, right the way to Imperial Centre and the other core worlds and out to the Corporate Sector. As a weapons dealer he runs shipments along the same route for much greater profit.

Albi’s warehouse facility is a multi storey modular warren of rooms running between floors 1617 and 1624, which places him on the base of the warehouse sectors. His warehouse is well positioned for the express turbolifts both to the landing platform and to the maglev station. Intelligence suggests that the warehouse is actually better positioned for these amenities than most of the more prestigiously located warehouses.

Albi employs a small number of fellow Ubese as staff in his operations. Intelligence suggests that all of them are involved in the weapons shipments, though the majority of his other employees remain ignorant of their employer’s alternate revenue stream.


Ghost Squad are to infiltrate Albi’s warehouse without raising any major alarms. Albi himself is to be neutralised, along with his fellow Ubese. Grand Moff Tarkin has made it clear he wishes the operation to be as quiet as possible. Once Albi is secure, the weapons shipment is to be located and modified ready for phase two.

Phase 2 is the delivery of the modified shipment of arms to the rebellion, this will involve delivering it to a smuggling craft on the landing platform. Our intelligence operative is currently attempting to discover the details for this shipment, and the identity of the ship involved, and will pass the relevant details to Ghost Squad when they arrive on site. Our operative can be recognised by a red rose.


Albi’s warehouse is a secure facility, far more so than most of the more presitigious warehouses. This is partially down to his paranoid tendencies and partially down to a very cut throat merchant sector within Hiroc. Our operative has been unable to locate exactly where the weapons are stored, they do not appear to be within the facility itself, or at least not in any of the generally accessible areas. Hopefully this last piece of intelligence will have been obtained by the time Ghost Squad reaches Hiroc.

Warehouse security is a combination of droids and living guards along with some very advanced alarm and security systems Albi had installed by one of his contacts. While the droid and automated systems are likely to be non-lethal they may prove inconvenient if triggered.

Albi has quarters all over the city. He is paranoid (like most Ubese) and moves randomly between them. It may be that, if it isn’t somewhere in the warehouse, the weapons cache is in or near one of these sites. Should it prove necessary you are authorised to extract the information from him by whatever means.

Our orders from Grand Moff Tarkin make it imperative that this operation is performed without a hint of our involvement. Thankfully the Storm Commandos are a new enough initiative that our armour is not as instantly recognisable to the public and we will be making some prosthetic modifications. This order does however authorise the use of lethal force against any civilians who may run the risk of exposing our involvement.


Gentlemen, the mission has been given to our Company personally by Grand Moff Tarkin. You will of course realise that this means that the Cerberus and specifically Ghost Squad is being assessed at the highest levels of the Empire. This mission needs to be performed as perfectly as possible, our superiors will be watching the operation from your helmet camera feeds.

As with previous missions there is a small amount of prep time during which further information may be gathered.

Please note also that due to the necessity that we are not connected with the operation, the Cerberus will not be entering the inner system, and you will be unable to utilise local imperial troops in any official capacity, indeed it’s likely that they will treat you as rebels should you be stupid enough to get caught. To all intents and purposes Albi is a model citizen and successful pillar of society, while we know differently the local government do not, and informing them would endanger the mission.

As part of the planning for this mission you will have to establish your strategies for getting planet-side, and for getting back to the Cerberus undetected. You will also need to decide on what you wish to take with you as far as equipment goes, and how you will smuggle it past Telosian Customs.


Gev Albi’s security arrangements – those that can be traced – were provided by Drosk Security Installations (DSI).

Drosk Security Installations is a small but exclusive firm based in Hiroc City. It’s clients include most of the Telos IV richest-list. The firm deals in cutting edge security systems, mostly designed in house and installed as bespoke systems for each client. DSI’s owner, and the man credited with most of the design genius is a human male called Avalard Drosk – who lives in Thani for much of the year.

According to sources Drosk’s technical expertise is nothing short of remarkable. He appeared on Hiroc a little over 5 years ago. Gev Albi gave him his first job when he hired him to install security systems on three of his properties. The reputation and money gained from working for Gev Albi allowed Drosk to set up DSI, and word of mouth reputation soon got him contracts from the planet’s most wealthy individuals.

According to our sources only 5 of Albi’s properties appear in DSI’s installation records – and his main warehouse is not one of them, however our insider source confirms that the warehouse security system bears the DSI markings. Our inside agent also confirms that there is something unusual about the central control unit for the warehouse security system. While the agent has been unable to get far enough into the system to properly analyse it – they’ve gone as far into it as they could without triggering alarms – they believe that the system may be tied in to other locations.

The physical system includes ray shielded blast doors on all entrances and exits. Advanced sensor arrays monitoring the air vents and maintenance crawlways. Our inside agent has seen several closed pods mounted at strategic points on the internal walls which they believe may hide some sort of weapons array.

Droids patrol the warehouse in a fixed pattern, though the pattern itself changes each night. Living guards also patrol, but mostly the outer parts of the warehouse. Several sections appear to be off limits to anyone not accompanied by Albi himself – though our agent has been into those areas accompanying Albi, and they appear to house the more valuable commodities he trades in rather than anything ilegal.

Albi’s other properties:
Sources have successfully located 8 properties besides the warehouse. These are scattered throughout Hiroc and exact locations have been pinpointed. We suspect the existence of at least 4 more safehouses within the city.

Albi’s movements:
Albi employs the use of at least 2 decoys in his movements through the city. He never sleeps in the same place 2 nights running and switches between his 8 known properties. On 2 occasions he (or one of his decoys) evaded the person shadowing them and vanished for the night presumably to one of the untraced properties.

DATAFILE: Avalard Drosk

Human, 39 standard years. No records in system pre-five years ago. Current whereabouts unconfirmed.

Drosk keeps an estate in Thani (Telos IV’s capital city). He is also listed as the owner of six properties scattered across Telos IV, two properties on Coruscant, and seven other small holdings spread across the galaxy from core to outer rim.

In the space of 5 standard years, Drosk has risen from nowhere to join the ranks of the richest people on Telos IV. This is mostly down to the success of his security installations business (Drosk Security Installations) and the elite nature of his clients. In the early days Drosk worked for anyone who would pay his high prices. Now, however it requires an introduction from an existing client to even gain an interview with him.

Drosk is known to enjoy fine wine, fine women and fine food, in that order. He can often be found at high society events, but will never discuss business at such functions.

His business dealings appear to be scrupulously above board. His security systems tend towards non lethal, though that does vary depending on the client. They are always above state of the art, always bespoke to each client and they tend to use an eclectic programming language of Drosk’s own devising, making them difficult to hack into without raising alarms, and extremely difficult to recode effectively.

Significantly, Drosk uses only one company to bring in any off-world supplies, Abiri Enterprises – the shipping company owned and run by Gev Albi.


Paranoid in the extreme, Gev Albi has been active on Telos IV for almost 20 years, and in all that time has never been seen without his armour.

On paper his mercantile imports/exports business (Abiri Enterprises) is quite impressive. Off the books we suspect that the business is much larger than it appears.

Albi first appeared on Telos IV as the bodyguard and protege of Janus Pel, a local crime lord. When Pel died in a turbolift accident (according to unofficial sources he fell down an open turbolift shaft on to some blaster bolts), Albi took control of Pel’s legitimate business assets and used them to set up Abiri Enterprises.

There is evidence to support the possibility that one of Albi’s rivals in Pel’s organisation seized control of the crime lord’s illegal assets. Albi has certainly been involved in a quiet but bloody war with several local merchants all of whom have ties to a criminal organisation calling itself The Rasa (which operates in the higher echelons of Telos IV’s criminal underworld, and which appeared on the scene shortly after Pel’s demise).

Abiri Enterprises expanded rapidly in a short space of time, gaining lucrative shipping contracts for several large corporate concerns both on and off-world. Clashes with other shipping interests curtailed growth until roughly four years ago, when Koybu Mercantile (one of Abiri Enterprises’ main rivals) was forced out of business, allowing Abiri to pick up several very lucrative contracts and consolidate it’s market position.

Albi himself seems to adhere to a moral code when it comes to lethal force. No women, no children. While he mostly keeps his hands clean, it’s notable that when he initiates an attack on a rival business he avoids dragging in civilians where possible. His rivals have no such qualms, however several have learnt very hard lessons when women or children have been harmed by their attack on Abiri property. In those cases Albi’s response has tended to be more extreme.

DATAFILE: Oberon Wex

Gev Albi’s second in command. Wex is a fellow Ubese, though not as paranoid as Albi. Wex was recruited from a smuggling crew after Albi had set up Abiri Enterprises. The rest of his crew disappeared shortly after their ship was seized. Wex made himself more prominent by agreeing to work for Albi – almost as though he was daring whoever vanished his crew to try and pick him off too.

Officially Albi’s bodyguard, Wex towers above his employer. Unusually for a Ubese he is heavy set – mostly muscle – and is known to be extremely proficient in a number of combat styles.
Where his employer has never been seen without his armour, Wex is often scene without the helmet. He is an older man, dark skinned with greying dreadlocked hair. One of his eyes is cybernetic and a different colour to his natural eye. It is believed that his left arm and leg are also prosthetic.

Wex frequents Quel’s bar when off duty. Quel’s is one of the rougher bars in the Gutters (the nickname given to the lower levels of the city where the heavy industrial levels blend into the residential sectors. He is often seen in the company of ladies of negotiable virtue.

Ghost Squad Mission Briefing

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