CSI Cerberus Epilogue

Cut scene:

“Extract from Personal Log of Major Telack, ISB Officer Commanding:
The Empire stops for no one it seems, least of all for Majors of the Imperial Security Bureau. Two weeks incarcerated in the Medical Bay and the universe has gone straight to the Sith; the Cerberus sabotaged and attacked by rebel scum, Captain Maymier murdered, a once trusted Major revealed as a traitor and an over opinionated 1st Officer promoted.

So all in all it’s been a difficult first week back on duty, not helped by our new Captain demanding daily updates on the interrogations. Given my resources how he expects me to question an entire Special Forces company and root out any other traitors is beyond me. Still, I should be thankful for small mercies, with Captain Ashen poking a very big stick into most areas of the ship at least he seems happy with the outcome of the investigation by Lt Jax’s Team and by extension ISB activities aboard the Cerberus.

Not that I am particularly impressed by the Investigative Teams performance, yes they identified the traitor but failing to deliver Madine to the firing squad was unforgivable. Why Jax did not have the Major arrested as soon as that footage was uncovered is beyond me and the Teams report does not convince me in the slightest about the Majors apparent ‘motive’, too many unanswered questions, too many assumptions. But officially at least the case is closed and now is not the time to publicly question the competence of the men under my command; I will find my own way to censure the Lt and his team.

On the plus side of course that sneaky little nerf herder Madine got what was coming to him. Ironic thought that the Captain was murdered by the very man he ordered to hunt down the traitor, just proves that no one is above suspicion. Perhaps now Sector Command will take my recent recommendations more seriously.”

With a satisfied grunt the traitor finishes reading the Major’s private log thanking his foresight in arranging to have him incapacitated. With the Major removed the investigation team performed better than expected, removing Madine with barely a push in the right direction. Not quite as planned but the end result was the same and not before time, Madine was simply getting too close to the truth.

Switching back to packaging the latest data drop for his Hutt contacts he notes with interest some intriguing titbits from Imperial Intelligence, courtesy of friends in newly acquired high places.

The End for now…

The ISB will return in Hill Sector Whites.

(GM Spoiler Alert – If any of the Cerberus GM’s want to further details on the Traitor or Captain Ashen then let me know)

CSI Cerberus Epilogue

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